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Food Bacteria and Hygiene Stock Cartoons shown on this site are available for use under license.  Benefits for using these cartoons include: consistant drawn style, new cartoons again in the same style can be commissioned from UK Cartoonist Chris Altham who has a wealth of experience with being a professional cartoonist since the start of 1988.

For an extensive online stock cartoon library please visit with cartoons depicting: health and safety / health / quit smoking / recycling / environment / education amongst many other subjects.


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Food Safety Cartoon Bug 1

Bug 2

Bug 3


Food Safety Cartoon Bug 5

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Food Cartoon Bug 9


Bug 10

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Bug 8

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Food Safety Cartoons  |  Bacteria / Hygiene   |  Food Images  |  Food Bugs  |  Wash Hands  |  Contact Food Safety Cartoons

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